divadiversion.com LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is a on sale dedicated company wholesale and detall of all type of clothes.

It develops to his activity dese 1983, period in which was constituted the society.

Twenty-five years of experience guarantee to us like an important company in our sector of activity.

At present we counted on 5 stores distributed in the city of Elche.

It has an ample group of on sale dedicated professionals personal, some of them have been more than 20 years working in divadiversion.com, which demuestrasla seriousness and the good treatment that has with the employees this company, treatment that soon is reflected towards the client.

In divadiversion.com we like to innovate, to have a vanguardista, accidental and young style, but first of all we paid attention to weaves, the finished ones, the details of each article, because our objective is to dress to a people in made good clothes and that it presents/displays an excellent quality and to a reasonable price to our consumers, who in their majority dress the urban and youthful fashion the moment.

A differentiated style, in which the change is at your service of the day, our company is in constant change, always with the idea to improve in trying to look for the satisfaction of the client.

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